Monday, November 15, 2010

Pearl of the Day - 7th Dhū al- Hijja ذو الحجة

Hasanaat of these ten golden days with Pearl of the day..

  • Telling others to do Hasanaat
If we fast only one day during the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah even then, we can get the reward of one thousand days by telling people the importance of these days. If we complete one khatmah of Qur'an Al-Majestic even then, we can gain the reward of tens and tens by telling others about these days. The more we do effort in telling others; the greater our reward will be.

The Prophet  ‎وَسُلَمَ ‎عًليهِ‎ ‎اللَّه‎ صْلى‎ said, "The one who guides to goodness shall have the same reward as the one who does it."
(Related by Ibn-Habban and ranked as hadith sahih by al-Albani)

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