Friday, November 12, 2010

Pearl of the Day - 4th Dhū al- Hijja ذو الحجة

Hasanaat of these ten golden days with Pearl of the day

  • Do`a (Supplication)

In his book 'The Two Eids', Al-Firyabi mentioned that Abu-Musa al-Ash'ari said that the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah are the "days well-known" mentioned in Qur'an The Majestic.

Do'a (Supplication) is the best thing Allah likes

Prophet Mohammed  ‎وَسُلَمَ ‎عًليهِ‎ ‎اللَّه‎ صْلى‎ said, "The best thing Allah likes is supplication."
(Related by at-Tirmithy and ranked as hadith hasan by al-Albany)

One should be certain that he will never be deprived of the goodness of supplication.

The Prophet  ‎وَسُلَمَ ‎عًليهِ‎ ‎اللَّه‎ صْلى‎ said, "The Muslim whose supplication does not include sin or breakage of kinship ties shall be granted one of three things: his supplication is granted, kept for him in the hereafter or protects him of bad things the equal of which." The companions then said, "We shall supplicate more and more." "Allah is can give more," said the Prophet  ‎وَسُلَمَ ‎عًليهِ‎ ‎اللَّه‎ صْلى‎
(Related by Ahmad and ranked as hadith hasan sahih by al-Albany)

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